A picture showing the land transformation at Ambokili Farm. The top image with bare land without trees and vegetation and the below picture with plants and trees. This shows the land restoration efforts by Ambokili Farm

In the heart of our farm lies the silent revolution of crops and trees. At Ambokili Farm, we’re not just passionate about organic produce, we’re passionate about the very land that nourishes it. We believe healthy soil is the foundation for healthy food, and healthy forests are the foundation for healthy soil. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to a mission that extends far beyond your dinner plate – a mission of land restoration, biodiversity enhancement, and a commitment to sustainable forestry practices. 

Before Our Time: A Landscape Scarred

Many of you may not know this, but the land we cultivate now wasn’t always the thriving ecosystem it is today. Just a few years ago, these fields were barren and depleted. Years of conventional farming practices and exposure to agents of erosion had stripped the soil of its nutrients, leaving it dusty and lifeless. Erosion was rampant, and the once vibrant wildlife had dwindled to a whisper.  

“There was completely nothing when we started out on this land,” confesses Tonny Ondeng, one of our directors. “There was not even a blade of grass.” 

Planting the Seeds of Change: A Multi-Faceted Approach

And act we did. We embarked on a comprehensive land restoration programme, employing a multi-faceted approach that included: 

Afforestation: We began by planting over 500 native trees, painstakingly selecting species that would not only thrive but also create a diverse and resilient habitat e.g Mango trees, Pawpaw trees and avocado trees. 

Agroforestry: We integrated trees into our agricultural practices, creating a symbiotic relationship where trees provide shade and nutrients to our crops, while the crops help fix nitrogen in the soil. We also strategically planted them to protect the crops from one of the major agents of erosion- wind. Thus, these trees would provide food to the people, provide shade and nutrients to the crops and build soil health.  

These practices, combined with the use of organic compost and cover crops, have yielded remarkable results.  

Witness the Transformation: The Proof is in the Pictures

The transformation has been nothing short of astonishing- our before-and-after pictures documenting the proof. The once barren landscape is now swarming with life. Lush greenery carpets the ground, a testament to the revitalised soil. A symphony of birdsong fills the air from the Suberb Sterling, a chorus of nature’s approval. Pollinators, like the bees, once scarce, are now abundant, ensuring the continued health of our crops and the wider ecosystem. 

We invite you to witness this transformation firsthand. Take a physical tour of our forested farm. Schedule a visit with us. You’ll also get to enjoy a Safari at the neighbouring Amboseli National Park. Explore the growth, witness the impact our efforts have had on the community, and hear the stories behind our restoration efforts.  

Forest: More Than Just Trees

Forests are the lungs of our planet, the silent guardians of our air and water. They are the architects of fertile soil, the havens for countless species, and the key to mitigating climate change. By nurturing our forests, we nurture the very foundation of life itself. 

Join us on this journey. Share your thoughts, your questions, your experiences. Together, let’s raise awareness about the importance of forests, reforestation and afforestation and inspire others to become stewards of the land and environment. Because a healthy planet starts with healthy soil, and healthy soil starts with plants. 

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