When we planted 500 trees at Ambokili Farm it was more than just a number. 

Trees: The Mighty Water Sippers

Trees are nature’s giants, and like any living organism, they require water to thrive. From their roots to their leaves, trees continuously draw in water to support essential functions like photosynthesis and nutrient transportation. It’s estimated that mature trees can consume hundreds of gallons of water each day, depending on factors like species, size, and environmental conditions. 

Think about how much water you might need to drink on a hot day to stay hydrated. Maybe you drink a few glasses or bottles of water, right?  

Trees are like giant water drinkers They can drink a lot more water than you might imagine! In fact, if we were to convert the amount of water, they drink into something we can easily understand, it’s like saying they can drink up to several bathtubs full of water every single day! That’s a lot of water! 

Planting trees without a sustainable water source is like offering a thirsty traveller a mirage. It’s tempting, but ultimately unsustainable. 

That’s why, we needed not to just plant trees, but plant them smart. 

Water-Wise Approach: Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Tree Planting

By implementing water-efficient irrigation techniques, rainwater harvesting, and strategically planting drought-resistant tree species, we were able to create a sustainable ecosystem that supports our growing forest. 

  • Rainwater Harvesting: Our 450,000 Litre reservoir stores harvested rainwater, and this is strategically for irrigation. 
  • Drought-Resistant Species: We chose trees that are naturally adapted to our semi-arid climate, minimising their water needs. 
  • Intercropping: We planted trees alongside other water-efficient plants, creating a symbiotic ecosystem that benefits everyone. 

500 Trees: More Than Just a Number

By planting 500 trees, we’ve not just added green to the landscape, we’re: 

  • Combating Climate Change: Trees absorb carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas, mitigating the effects of climate change. Furthermore, they transpire, releasing water vapour into the atmosphere, a vital process for regulating climate. 
  • Protecting Biodiversity: Trees provide homes for countless species, creating a thriving ecosystem that benefits both the environment and the community. Around Ambokili Farm, you can now see different bird species that have created habitats on trees. 
  • Reducing soil erosion: The gulleys around the Farm were as deep as 2 metres and sheet erosion had made the land bare. We planted trees to act as natural sponges, holding onto precious rainwater and preventing it from washing away fertile soil. 
  • Increasing water infiltration: Their deep root systems create pathways for water to reach deeper into the earth, replenishing groundwater reserves. 
  • Empowering Communities: The trees provide shade, fruits, and other resources, improving the lives of the community. By them being part of our journey, benefiting from the trees e.g. fruit trees being a source of food and income, they are learning and experiencing the benefits of trees. 

At Ambokili Farm, it isn’t just about planting trees. It’s about planting a future where water is respected, where nature thrives, and where communities flourish.

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