A picture showing employees at Ambokili Farm growing trees. Meant to symbolise the role trees have had in transforming the semi-arid area into a green area and this is in celebration and observance of International Day of Forests.

In the heart of a semi-arid landscape of Kimana, Kajiado County, Kenya, Ambokili Farm stands as a testament to nature’s resilience. As we reflect on and celebrate International Day of Forests, it’s time to delve into the roots of our existence and celebrate the silent custodians of our planet – the trees. They are not just plants; they are the pillars of ecosystems and biodiversity. 

History of International Day of Forests

Initiated by the United Nations, International Day of Forests on March 21st every year aims to spotlight the invaluable importance of all types of woodlands and trees to our existence. It’s a day dedicated to raising awareness, fostering education, and inspiring community actions towards forest conservation and sustainable usage. The journey began in 2012, echoing a global call to cherish our green heritage and ensure it thrives for generations to come. 

Why Trees?

Trees breathe life into our planet. They purify the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide a haven for 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. Beyond that, trees are pivotal in combating climate change, with their ability to sequester carbon(iv) oxide, they weave a protective shield around the Earth, safeguarding us from the brunt of global warming. 

In the arid expanses where Ambokili Farm lays, it emerges as a testament of innovation, transformation and resilience. Through innovative organic permaculture practices, regenerative agriculture, reforestation and agroforestry, we’ve demonstrated how barren lands can transform into lush, self-sustaining ecosystems. Trees are at the heart of this green revolution, serving as natural air conditioners, their leaves releasing water vapour, cooling the semi-arid climates, and providing much-needed shade to the soil and plants, conserving moisture and fostering a habitat for diverse plant and animal species to flourish. 

The Green Bridge: Restoring Ecosystems

At Ambokili, trees are the cornerstone of ecosystem restoration. They anchor the soil, preventing erosion, and gradually rebuild the fertility of the land. This not only transforms the semi-arid landscape into verdant fields but also creates a sanctuary for wildlife, reconnecting fragmented habitats and offering a corridor for species to breed and thrive. 

Trees and Animals

Within the branches and trunks, a vibrant community of small animals and insects find refuge and sustenance. Trees serve as the bustling hubs of life; their flowers, leaves, and fruits provide nourishment for bees, ants, birds, and squirrels. Each species plays a crucial role in the pollination of plants and the dispersal of seeds, weaving a complex web of life that sustains the biodiversity of the farm. 

The presence of bees, ants, birds, squirrels and other animals is a testament to the farm’s success in creating a biodiverse haven, inviting these gentle giants to partake in the bounty, thus enhancing the ecological tapestry of the region. 

The Trees’ Legacy

As Ambokili Farm flourishes, it stands as a living library of lessons on the importance of trees. This International Day of Forests, let us remember that every tree planted is a step towards healing our planet, a pledge for a sustainable future, and a tribute to the harmony between humans and nature. At Ambokili, trees are more than just flora; they are the embodiment of resilience and the undying spirit of conservation. 

As we reflect on the roots of International Day of Forests, let us embrace the message it carries – to protect, preserve, and proliferate our forests. The legacy of Ambokili Farm, intertwined with the history of this significant day, is a powerful reminder of our duty to the earth. It underscores the profound impact that dedicated conservation efforts can have on reviving ecosystems, supporting communities, and nurturing biodiversity. Together, let’s sow the seeds of change and watch them grow into forests of the future. 

In the spirit of the International Day of Forests, let’s renew our commitment to the planet by nurturing the very essence of life and biodiversity – trees. At Ambokili Farm, every day is a step towards a greener, more sustainable world, one tree at a time. 

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