What We Do

At Ambokili Farm, our mission revolves around creating preserving biodiversity and inspiring change. Our 4 key focus themes: Environmental sustainability, Environmental Restoration and Conservation, biodiversity and community development  guide our comprehensive approach towards achieving our mission and vision. They guide our programmes, initiatives and projects aimed at transforming semi-arid terrains into thriving, biodiverse, self-sustaining ecosystems for communities.

Our Themes:

Environmental Sustainability

In our pursuit of environmental sustainability, Ambokili Farm employs organic permaculture practices that mimic nature’s patterns, embracing principles like polyculture and agroforestry. We advocate for agro-ecological shifts in food production and champion the use of renewable energy. Our commitment extends to resource management, recycling, and circular economy practices, fostering a culture of mindful consumption. We actively engage in policy advocacy and knowledge-sharing to create a sustainable future for all.


Environmental Conservation and Restoration

Ambokili Farm takes on the responsibility of environmental restoration and conservation by reintroducing endangered species, enhancing soil health, restoring degraded landscapes, and implementing regenerative farming practices.



We nature biodiversity through sustainable agriculture, habitat creation, and compassionate animal welfare, ensuring the delicate balance of ecosystems is maintained.


Community Development

Ambokili Farm is dedicated to fostering harmonious communities. Through education empowerment, healthcare access, and economic opportunities, we create foundations for thriving lives. Building social well-being, equality, inclusivity, and violence reduction ensures a secure and supportive environment. Civic engagement, volunteerism, and apprenticeship programs further strengthen our community bonds and contribute to sustainable development.