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Birds. A picture of the superb starling on a bird feeder at Ambokili Farm in Kimana, Kajiado County. The bird is perched on the bird feeder on one of the trees in Ambokili Farm.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together at Kimana

As Ambokili Farm pursues its mission of restoring degraded land, one of the key focus areas is increasing biodiversity in the semi-arid land of Kimana, Kajiado County, Kenya. By embracing sustainable, organic agriculture, plant and wildlife conservation, Ambokili Farm not only cultivates crops but sustains life. Here, in this carefully...

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A picture of a male worker at Ambokili Farm inspecting a maize stalk in the field. It is a symbol of how food and nutrition contribute to good mental health.

Can you Have Good Mental Health with Inadequate Food and Poor Nutrition

As May dawns upon us, casting a spotlight on mental health awareness, we are compelled to ponder a fundamental question: Can one truly attain good mental health amidst inadequate food and poor nutrition? The answer, rooted in science and experience, resonates with clarity – the nourishment of the mind is...

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A picture showing 3 ladies working in the field at Ambokili Farm. The third woman is bending down and invested in her work. The picture symbolises how Ambokili Farm is involving employees in its mission.

How Can Not-for-Profits Better Involve Employees in their Mission?

At Ambokili Farm, we know our impact hinges on a passionate and dedicated team. We fight for transformation of degraded land and community development every day, but true success comes when every member feels invested in the mission, not just as a job, but as a cause they believe in....

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A picture of 2 women workers on Ambokili Farm smiling holding watering cans. It illustrates their happiness when working and demonstrates how Ambokili Farm is truly investing in Employee well-being

Employee well-being: Transforming Lives Inside Out

How does an organisation dedicated to making a difference ensure its own people are cared for? How is Ambokili Farm redefining workplace wellness and ensuring employees thrive alongside the communities they serve?  At Ambokili Farm, nestled in a challenging semi-arid region, we’ve revolutionised the concept of employee well-being. Our holistic...

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A picture of a farmer on Ambokili Farm. She is tending to the crops. The picture has the words- Regenerative agriculture is transforming Kimana, Kajiado.

Regenerative Agriculture: The Future of Farming

Regenerative agriculture is an innovative farming approach aimed at enhancing and revitalising the ecosystem. It goes beyond merely reducing the impact of agriculture on the environment; it actively improves soil health, increases biodiversity, and supports the ecosystem. By focusing on soil health, regenerative agriculture can increase biodiversity, improve water cycles,...

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