Transforming barren lands into thriving ecosystems

We develop communities, restore the planet, and cultivate a future where people and nature flourish together.

About Us

Ambokili Farm is an Organic Farm that transforms semi-arid terrains into thriving, biodiverse, self-sustaining ecosystems for communities through organic permaculture, environmental conservation and community development. 


Located in the rural town of Kimana, Kenya, Ambokili Farm is adjacent to the renown Amboseli National Park and at the foot of Mt.Kilimanjaro. With additional neighbouring parks such as Tsavo East and West National parks, the farm embodies a harmonious coexistence with the surrounding national parks.

The farm started out on the dust-laden landscape in the semi-arid area of Kimana town in 2022. Gullies as deep as 2m and sheet erosion had stripped the land bare. In the course of the following year, more than 500 trees were planted, and over 9 acres of land covered with vegetation.  


What makes Ambokili Farm unique? 

At Ambokili Farm, it’s not only about nature’s bounty: it’s about the people who thrive alongside it. Our extensive community development programs empower individuals and communitiesFrom access to good nutrition, education, and healthcare, to income-generation activities; we build equality, inclusivity and fair share.  

We ensure everyone in our community lives a happy, fulfilling life by nurturing social and emotional well-being, meaningful connections, mindfulness, good mental health, and cultural diversity. 


Our commitment is in creating holistic impact by developing communities, creating environmental sustainability, preserving and conserving the environment and building biodiversity. We build a future where nature and humanity flourish together. 

Our Commitments

We work toward having impact in:

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental conservation and preservation


Community Development

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People 𐄁 Planet 𐄁 Potential

Uncover stories of how Ambokili Farm cares for life, people, planet and creates fair share

Ambokili Farm Updates

How We Transformed Over 9 Acres of Damaged Wasteland into Green, Ferile Land

In 2022, we started Ambokili Farm on a dust-laden, semi-arid landscape in Kimana town. The land was damaged, with gullies as deep as 2 meters and sheet erosion that...

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What is Permaculture? Natures Cheat Code...?

Permaculture, short for “permanent agriculture” and “permanent culture.” It’s where we learn from natural patterns and mimic them, like building terraces that slow down rain just like hills do, or planting nitrogen-fix...

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Ambokili Farm Impact Report 2022/2023

This report evaluates Ambokili Farm's impact on environmental sustainability and conservation, biodiversity, and community development.The findings underscore the positive outcomes in...

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