Building with Nature: Sustainable Housing at Ambokili Farm through Bioclimatic Architecture

An employee at Ambokili Farm holding an interlocking block. The picture demonstrates Ambokili Farm's passive housing or bioclimatic architecture project.

With a mission to transform landscapes into thriving ecosystems while fostering community development, Ambokili Farm has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative in sustainable housing, embracing the principles of passive design and bioclimatic architecture. This approach not only reduces our environmental impact but also creates comfortable living spaces that work in harmony with the unique semi-arid […]

Employee well-being: Transforming Lives Inside Out

A picture of 2 women workers on Ambokili Farm smiling holding watering cans. It illustrates their happiness when working and demonstrates how Ambokili Farm is truly investing in Employee well-being

How does an organisation dedicated to making a difference ensure its own people are cared for? How is Ambokili Farm redefining workplace wellness and ensuring employees thrive alongside the communities they serve?  At Ambokili Farm, nestled in a challenging semi-arid region, we’ve revolutionised the concept of employee well-being. Our holistic approach ensures that the welfare […]

Impact of Animal Agriculture on Climate Change

A picture on picture of 2 hooves of a domestic animal standing on wet brown soil. The background is degraded land with hoof prints all over. The picture is a symbolisation of the contribution of animal agriculture on climate change.

Animal agriculture is a significant driver of climate change, contributing notably to greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, water and air pollution, and biodiversity loss. The sector is responsible for approximately 16.5% of global anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, rivalling the emissions from all global transportation. This impact is mainly due to the methane produced by enteric fermentation […]

Nutritional Security: The Unseen Wealth of Organic Produce

A pictue showing different varieties of seeds and cereals showing how Ambokili Farm is contributing to nutritional security and how organic produce is superior in terms of nutrition

Approximately 2.4 billion individuals, largely women and residents of rural areas, did not have consistent access to nutritious, safe, and sufficient food in 2022. Child malnutrition is still alarmingly high. In 2021, 22.3% (148.1 million) children were stunted, 6.8% (45 million) were wasted, and 5.6% (37 million) were overweight. The global nutritional status, as reported […]

The Power of Organic Produce: Disease Prevention

A photo of sprouting plants at Ambokili Farm to symbolise their message on the power of organic foods in disease prevention

In a world where chronic diseases are on the rise, the quest for sustainable solutions has never been more urgent. At the heart of this search lies a simple, yet profoundly transformative approach: nurturing healthy food. Ambokili Farm, located in the semi-arid lands of Kimana, Kajiado County, Kenya, a testament to the power of organic […]

Organic Farming: A Huge Contributor to Mitigating the Climate Crisis

Picture of rows of onions grown at Ambokili Farm. The photo has been used to show how organic farming contributes to mitigation of the effects of climate change.

As the world grapples with the escalating effects of climate change, it’s imperative to explore and adopt sustainable solutions in every sector, especially agriculture. Organic farming offers a pathway to not only feed the world but also protect it. Ambokili Farm, nestled in a semi-arid region, stands as a testament to how transforming conventional landscapes […]

Effects of Juxtaposition of a Conventional Farm to an Organic Farm

A picture showing a drone water a plantation on the right and a farmer harvest crops by hand from the ground and out them in the crate beside him. The photo is used by Ambokili Farm as a symbol to show the effects of juxtaposition of a conventional farm to an organic farm

The juxtaposition of conventional farming next to an organic farm raises pertinent questions about the impact of such practices on organic farming and the surrounding environment. To delve into this issue, let us explore the potential ramifications in depth. 1. Pesticide Drift One of the most immediate concerns is pesticide drift. Conventional farming often relies […]

Secrets of Water Conservation in Semi-Arid Areas

A picture of a metallic tap with a blue pipe and red knob for opening and closing. The picture is being used by Ambokili Farm to symbolise the need for water conservation especially in semi-arid regions.

In the semi-arid regions, such as Kimana, Kajiado where Ambokili Farm is located, water is as elusive as it is essential; a precious commodity. Our semi-arid environments present unique challenges. Here, rain is a fleeting visitor. Rainfall is scarce, and evaporation rates are high. Here, every drop of water is a treasure, a lifeline that […]

Beyond the Plate, Beyond the Farm: How Ambokili Farm is Eradicating Poverty Through Women

Image shows women at Ambokili Farm recieving training from one of the local banks on financial literacy and access to financial services. This is a women project aimed at eradicating poverty through women.

In the heart of semi-arid terrains, where the sun beats down relentlessly and resources are scarce, Ambokili Farm stands as an agent for transformation. Through a commitment to organic permaculture, environmental conservation, and community development, Ambokili Farm is not only cultivating sustainable, biodiverse ecosystems but also empowering the women who form the backbone of our […]

A Buzzing Organic Farm: A Closer Look at Insect Diversity

The vibrant world of an organic farm, where the buzz is not just about the freshest produce but also about the fascinating insect inhabitants that play crucial roles in the ecosystem. Uncovering the secret lives of these tiny, yet mighty, farm residents. From pollinators to pest controllers, big bugs to small bug, flying bugs to […]