Is all clear water good?

A picture of a water water body with a droplet hitting the water surface and creating a ripple. The picture has the words, "Is all clear water good?" at the centre.

Imagine stepping up to a sparkling stream, the water so clear you can see the pebbles at its bed. It’s a picture-perfect scene. Clean water, by popular definition, is water that is free from visible contaminants. Yet, what lurks beneath the surface of clear water? Chemicals, microorganisms, heavy metals…? Let’s delve deeper into this seemingly […]

Exploring the Characteristics of Organic Farming: Realise the Power of Companion Planting

It’s not just about avoiding harmful chemicals; it’s about creating a harmonious ecosystem where plants, animals, and the environment thrive together. Organic Farming is a sustainable agricultural system that uses ecologically based pest controls and biological fertilisers derived largely from animal and plant wastes and nitrogen-fixing cover crops.  It’s a philosophy rooted in harmony with nature, sustainability, and environmental stewardship. At the […]

No tillage

Soil health Conservation Through No Tillage Our decision to forgo traditional tillage practices stems from a deep-seated understanding of soil dynamics. Tilling disrupts the soil’s natural composition, leading to erosion, compaction, and loss of valuable nutrients. Moreover, it disturbs the intricate web of soil microorganisms essential for nutrient cycling and plant health. No-tillage, on the […]


What is Permaculture? Natures cheat code Permaculture, short for “permanent agriculture” and “permanent culture.” It’s where we learn from natural patterns and mimic them, like building terraces that slow down rain just like hills do, or planting nitrogen-fixing beans to enrich the soil like nature’s own fertiliser factory. It’s a sustainable way of living where […]