Organic Farming: A Key Player in Achieving Long-Term Food Security

Different species of maize in different colours from Ambokili Farm symbolising food security.

In a world grappling with the dual challenges of population growth and environmental sustainability, food security remains a critical concern. The quest to feed a projected global population of 9.7 billion by 2050 poses significant challenges, especially in the context of climate change and diminishing natural resources. The concept of food security involves ensuring that […]

Bridging Sustainable Agriculture and Public Health: The Ambokili Farm Model

A picture of a worker at Ambokili Farm explaining about crops on the farm. The picture is used to symbolise organic farming and explain the role of sustainable agriculture in public health.

In the heart of Kimana, Kajiado county, Kenya, lies an oasis of hope and transformation where the synergy between sustainable agriculture and public health is vividly demonstrated. Ambokili Farm, an epitome of organic farming and permaculture, is at the forefront of transforming semi-arid terrains into self-sustaining, biodiverse ecosystems. This transformation is not just about enhancing […]

Building Soil Health

Cracked soil with plant germinating from it in a small patch of water to show the need of building soil health

Healthy soil supports diverse plant and animal life, conserves water, and helps create resilient ecosystems capable of self-regeneration thus contributing to organic permaculture. At our organic farm, we’re committed to growing healthy food for you, while nurturing a healthy planet. A key element in achieving both is building strong, vibrant soil. But what exactly does […]