How Ambokili Farm is Addressing the Gender Equality Gap

At Ambokili Farm, the empowerment of women transcends mere rhetoric. Here are 6 ways in which we continiously empower women to bridge the gender equality gap: Decent Standards of living With over 17 women employed, the Ambokili Farm has become more than just a workplace; it’s a beacon of hope for these women. No longer […]

Earthworms: The Underground Architects

Earthworms play a fundamental role in the ecosystem. They contribute significantly to soil health, fertility, and the overall function of terrestrial ecosystems. By recycling nutrients, enhancing soil structure, and supporting the growth of plants, earthworms support the wider web of life that includes birds, small mammals, and other organisms that rely on healthy soil ecosystems […]

Vital Role of Wildlife in Our Ecosystem

Ambokili Farm is taking a moment to shine a light🔦 on the vital role wildlife plays in our ecosystems🍃 and the importance of preserving their habitats. One of our core values is- Care for life (all life forms). Ambokili Farm is deeply committed to fostering biodiversity and ensuring the well-being of all living things. We […]

Companion Planting

COMPANION PLANTING In the heart of Ambokili Farm lies a profound understanding of nature’s intricate balance. Here, amidst the verdant fields and thriving crops, we embrace a practice as old as agriculture itself: companion planting. From our humble beginnings of cultivating a handful of plant varieties, we’ve undergone a remarkable transformation at Ambokili Farm. What […]

Ambokili Farm Impact Report 2022/20233

Ambokili Farm Impact Report 2022/2023: A Holistic Analysis of Creating Biodiverse, Sustainable Ecosystems through Organic Permaculture, Environmental Conservation, and Community development. Abstract This report evaluates Ambokili Farm’s impact on environmental sustainability and conservation, biodiversity, and community development. The findings underscore the positive outcomes in terms of chemical reduction, biodiversity increase, soil health enhancement, job creation, […]